Terms & Conditions

TC01:RIGHT OF ENTRY- The buyer and buyers customer, and their customers, or any applicable regulatory agency, will have the right to enter the supplier’s facility to perform inspection or ensure compliance to the contract.

: RECORDRETENTION- Supplier shall retain all records pertaining to material/ mfg process special processes, test and inspection for a minimum of 10 years or as required by the customer; changes to this requirement shall be addressed on the Purchase Order. Additional quality requirements may apply when referenced in the PO.

TC03:AMENDMENTS- To this order, and/or quality clauses shall be set forth in writing, via purchase order change notice, and /or revisions to the Purchase Order Quality Clauses. 

TC04: NONCONFORMING PRODUCT- In the event that the product is identified as non-conforming after the product has been shipped, the supplier shall provide notification of such escape. Additionally supplier shall control non conforming product to prevent the product from leaving the facility, unless otherwise approved in writing. Obtain organization approval for non conforming product disposition.

TC05: TRACEABILITY- All parts / material and applicable documents must be identified by a manufacturing lot or batch number, by the supplier.

TC06: QUALITYMANAGEMENT SYSTEM- Suppliers shall implement and maintain a Quality Management System in compliance with AS9100  and/or ISO9001. 

TC07: CHANGES- Supplier shall notify the organization of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility locations and where required, obtain organization approval.

TC08: FLOW DOWNS- Suppliers shall flow down the requirements listed on the Purchase Orders, including customer requirements to their supply chain.

TC09: PERSONNEL QUALIFICATION- When required by Purchase Orders, personnel shall be qualified to specific processes.

TC10: CERTIFICATEOFCONFORMANCE- When required by Purchase Orders, Certificate of Conformance shall be provided.

TC11: TESTREPORTS- When required by Purchase Order, test reports shall be provided.

TC12: ITAR- When required by Purchase Order, ITAR controls shall be applied. 

TC13: MONITORING OF SUPPLIERS- Suppliers shall be monitored against a goal of 95%, a target of 85% and actionable target of 75%. Malbert can determine to flow down a corrective action request any time a supplier is below the goal of 95%. Suppliers may be subject to removal from Malbert & Mitchell Grinding's Approved Supplier List if the Supplier does not respond to the Corrective Action Request in a timely manner. 

TC14: SAMPLE PLAN- When required by Purchase Order, all inspections used for acceptance shall be conducted to a minimum sample acceptance level AQL of 0.40 in accordance with ANSI Z1.4 Sampling Procedure and Tables for Inspection activities Normal Level (II). Lot acceptance shall be at zero (0). Reject shall be at one (1).

TC15: COUNTERFEIT PREVENTION- Electronic Components or any other type of product, where there is a potential for counterfeiting, should only be purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a franchised distributor of the OEM. The Original Equipment Manufacturer or a franchised distributor of the OEM, should provide, with the shipment a Certificate of Conformance, certifying that the component

provided is the part number being procured on the Purchase Order (PO). A Certificate of Conformance is used to establish traceability to the OEM. It is not recommended that electronic components or any other type of product, where there is a potential for counterfeiting, be purchased from a broker that is not a franchise distributor. In the event  such a purchase should be made, it is the responsibility of the Supplier to assure that the proper certifications are available, to provide traceability to the OEM.

TC16: AWARENESS- Suppliers shall ensure that persons performing work on Malbert Product are aware of:

​              * Their contribution to product service or service conformity

​              * Their contribution to product safety

​              * The importance of ethical behavior.